About Us

  • World Demand Flexibility ! ! !
  • Since last 8 decades, Consumer’s Mind demands more Flexibility. Value v/s Cost effectiveness without compromising on Quality. Functional benefits and Aesthetics in every sector, true for Plastic Pipes also!!!

  • Advantage Corrugated Pipes ! ! !
  • In principle, rigid pipe consumed more raw materials to become more rigid ! Though it is used ample, their rigidity work against them in manufacturing, storing transporting & at last using. While in contrast, Corrugated Pipe designed like elephant’s Trunk offer strength consuming lesser raw material.

    Their Flexibility and strength has widened its application spectrum, result is fast replacement of rigid pipes in market. Corrugated Pipes have illustrative characteristics, which had made them requisite commodity in plastic’s pipe market. These includes: Colourful Decorative appearance, Flexibility, Strength, Anti-corrosiveness, Excellent Insulation & Safety … among other alls.

  • Volcano, at Corrugation Field !
  • As we know in last century; a product, its market & their principles have reformed astonishingly because consumer needs are reforming everyday !!! More and more consumers are nowadays switching over to corrugated pipes. We at Volcano had distinguished this immense consumer need and in 1997, we successfully developed fill-line package plant of corrugation.

    Being as a leading Plastic Corrugator Pipes Making Machine and Plant Manufacturer, We are in live contacts with eminent Plastic Technology Institutes-Laboratories and Raw Material Manufacturers to strengthen our techno-marketing perspective of product. Volcano is a team of professionally qualified executives with market-perspective eyesight to fulfill our organizational objectives, missions & goals.

    Being as a Prominent Plastic Corrugated Pipes Making Plant Machinery Manufacturer, we fully concentrate on key areas like….

  • Research & Development on Technical Up-Gradation of Existing & New Products.
  • Synchronized Equilibrium of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies by Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Chilling Instruments.
  • Technological Mould Design to accompany Cost Effective Plastic Processing Methods.
  • Rectification of Practical Shop-Floor Difficulties of our Products during Design Stage.
    We are following universal methods of standardization, for our product-component design, its manufacturing, & our organization to maintain qualitative output.