(Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine – SWC Extrusion Machine)


Volcano manufacturer Corrugated pipe plant with optimum engineered design, accurately machine parts, close modular, compactness, aesthetic base & latest ergonomics. Ease to change mould blocks of different pipe sizes gives the plant operational simplicity.

Low routine maintenance cost, Less power consumption, Quick after-sales services gives finishing touch to a top-of-the-line finished product from our Pipe Corrugation plant


Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe in two sizes viz: OD: 010-50 mm & 050-150 mm We can design & supply customize Corrugated Pipe Plant other than our above regular demand sizes.
Size of Pipe From 10 mm to 50mm Diameter
Drive For Corrugator 3HP.3 Phase 415±5 voltage Gear Motor [standard make]
VVariable Speed Drive 0.5 m/min to 15m/min speed variable depend on size & output of extruder with emergency stop arrangement.
Lubrication System Centralized lubrication system used to give specific pulse at specific place to easily slide with low friction.
Cooling System Inbuilt cooling channel with brass fitting of inlet & outlet connection for chilled water.
Over All Dimension 3000mm x 600 mm x 1850mm (L x W x H)
Air Chiller Used as additional air cooling for better finish & output

Pipe manufactured using Volcano Single Wall Plastic Corrugator plant offers following distinctive privileges:

Raw Material Economy Weight of rigid pipe & corrugated pipe in hand is elf-explanatory
Ease of Handling & Packing Lighter weight of pipes makes handling, packing & transportation, easy & cheap.
Strength Pipes are Impact resistive according to corrugation profile design.
Flexibility Compared to rigid pipes, corrugated pipes are easy to install.
Space Saving This pipes require less storage area, because of their flexibility &
rolled in coil form.
Rodent Proof For Civil Engineering purpose, their rat/rodent resistant feature works wonders.
Insulation These pipes are extensively used in electrical installations because of their insulation property.
Pipe Manufactured Using Volcano Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Plant
Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine
SWC Extrusion Machine
Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Control Panel

Control Panel Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Plant
Single Wall Corrugated Extrusion Machine

Volcano is supplying state of the art Control Panel along with machine to govern & synchronize key process parameters of process sequence of in-line plant sectors, to produce qualitative corrugated pipes.

Control Panel comprises of automation products like AC Drives, Temperature Controllers, Length Counter & Lubrication Controller along with different Indicators, Meters & Control Switches

Control Panel provide the operations between major sections of Plant & provide smooth control for Extruder, Corrugator, Pipe Puller & Cutter & Coiler.


Manufacturers of Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine Pipe Puller Different Pipes Sizes

Volcano offers synchronized Panel on-line pipe traction unit. Geared motor pulls pipe & prevents it from residual deformation & burrs.

This unit consists of specially designed endless tooth rubber belt. Adjustable gap device is equipped to adjust the gap between two rollers with variable line speed. Adjustable wheel tension unit facilitates its use for different pipe sizes. It is equipped with on line longitudinal cutting device for wire harnesses


Pipe Cutter Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine

Sharp edged, rapid action pipe cutter cuts on line pipe of desired coil length. It is equipped with FRL unit, pneumatic cylinder working on signal from panel electronics.

This smoothens cutting edge & eliminates manpower requirement


Coiler Motorized for Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine Manufacturers

Volcano has developed adjustable gear motor operated two-spool winder, which winds pipe online.

It winds pipe in coil form on spool as per output available, its extraction is made simply easy by umbrella design Coil size can be of ID-010″, OD-036″, Width-9″ or as per customer requirements.


Manufacturers Air Chiller for Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine

Volcano has design air chiller to cool block & pipe for better productivity.


Manufacturers Coiler Manual for Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine
Single Wall Plastic Corrugator Machine